90’s Fantasy

16 Apr 90’s Fantasy

Carla Monaco - Adrian Crook Fashion Photographer


This image is taken from a series of shots of Carla Monaco that we did a couple of days ago, The full set can be seen HERE. The image was taken in our spare room using one light with a strip box attached.

For those interested the camera setting where:
Nikon D800 – 1/160th f/5.6 ISO-100 Focal length 50mm

It is a simple setup just using a white wall in the spare room with Carla a few feet away from the wall to give the lovely grey drop off on the background.

I will be demonstrating this technique in the One light workshop Bracknell in June,

The editing of this image is also very simple that anyone can do in Photoshop. Its just removing any blemishes, a tweak of contrast and some dodging and burning to get the effect I wanted.

For upcoming workshops CLICK HERE

Read more of the inspiration behind the shots in Carla Monaco BLOG

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