Driving in Europe

Driving in Europe is pretty easy it’s the same as the UK but on the wrong side of the road.

Actually once you get use to it it’s not that bad.

The first time I ever drove in Europe was straight out of Calais onto the French roads at night with an under powered Ford Focus and towing a large caravan with the wife and dog. That was kind of scary but now, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve driven on European roads.

Just a few things to remember.

Your driving on the opposite side of the road. Which is quite easy to remember on the normal roads and even roundabouts it just the little times you can get into trouble and people wave at you, pomp their horns and flash their light, its when you are on supermarket  car parks and the like, that’s when you get in trouble with the locals.

Legal things to remember:

You need headlight converters


Spare Bulbs

Warning Triangle

Florescent Jacket

And now if you plan on driving in Paris and a few other French cities you need a Crit’Air clean air sticker. The RAC will tell you more about it HERE


A couple of other things I carry are an electric tyre pump you know the ones that run off the cigarette lighter. I had to use mine at the side of Lake Garda, Invaluable. Plus a can of Holts Tyreweld 500ml you can get it at Halfords LINK I’ve used this stuff in the past with alloy wheels it works wonders and gets you out of a pickle.

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