Killing the World

New Years Resolution 

Reduce my single use plastics by 50%

DAY 1.

New Years day – After I get up in a morning I tend to make myself a coffee then head to the computer and catch up on the news on BBC website, what’s there this morning but a report on how China is now refusing to take our plastic rubbish for recycling.
Britain has been shipping 500,000 tonnes of plastic to China. I cant even imagine 500,000 tonnes of plastic WOW. REPORT HERE

Staggering figures,

I know its not the UK but in the USA they use 500 MILLION drinking straws A DAY.

Here in the UK we use a staggering 38.5 MILLION plastic bottles EVERY DAY and we only recycle about half actually from today we don’t because China isn’t taking it any more.

They talk about adding a tax or a deposit return scheme to reduce consumption of these thing, Are they mad? In my humble opinion it will never work, Plastic use is on the up and we seriously need to reduce it. I will come up with some answers over the course of this year.

Just randomly thinking of what I use that is covered in plastic packaging:

All of the meat infact
Coffee whitner
Eggs (although I have now changed this and gone free range and cardboard container although at a higher cost)
Tonic water
Computer Mouse, The packaging inside the box is plastic.
AA & AAA batteries plastic packaging again.
PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES (hang my head in shame)
These are just a few things.

I don’t really know how I can do this but I’m going to give it a try and I may need your help. Comment below any useful suggestions.

I will keep you posted throughout the year how I’m getting on.

Thanks for reading.

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