Time for a bit of maintenance, the rear brakes started the scrapping sound when applied, #!*” time for new pads.

OK I thought, not a problem I did the front ones a while back it will just be as easy.

Off to the car accessory shop and by new pads £23 not a bad price and cheaper than Halfords.

I had a some time on Sunday before the American Grand Prix, it was live on UK television but only later on so had plenty of time.

Jack the car up and put it on axle stands, better to be safe.

Took the wheel off and have a quick look. easy I thought just like the front, two bolts holding on the caliper.

Undid the bolts quite easily and lifted the caliper out. Took the two very worn pads out and replaced then with two brand new very thick pads. Not noticing the caliper itself. I remembered to undo the cap on the brake reservoir, now time to push the caliper back in its housing, hang on they are different and don’t push back like the front ones. Time to hit Youtube.

A little while later I return to the car it turns out you have to rewind the calipers and guess what I don’t have a rewind tool but the man on the video says you can use long nose pliers, I have those so give it a go, this is harder than I thought.

Well the caliper did start to rewind but I guess due to age the seal went with it a split, Damn and hell fire. THIS is Sunday my brakes are in bits and I have a split seal and now the car is undriveable.

Back to youtube, turns out there is nothing I can do with new seals or a new caliper, but how do I get them?

A shout out on Facebook to see if any of my friends are available Monday morning to take me to the motor shop. Monday morning  – Result Gary contacts me and says he is available.

So time to ring up and check if they have the seals, NOPE its a new caliper. Damn hang on I’ll call Ford. Rang them and the same answer nope no seals just the full unit. Crazy for the sake of a £3 seal I have to buy a new caliper. OK if thats the only way then a new caliper it is.  I call the motor shop back, it’s either £40 + Vat or it is, £72 + Vat. but you will need to bring in the old one so we can identify it, So I have to now take off the brake pipe and handbrake cable, A couple of swear words later and a plaster on my finger I get it off and then off to the shop with Gary. I took mine in and guess which one it was? Yep the more expensive one.


OK when will it be in stock? around 4 pm Can you deliver? Yes. SORTED. Gary ran me back home and then he left as he had to go to a meeting.

I twiddle my thumbs and around 4.30 pm the man in a van arrives and he as my new shiny caliper.

Then its quite easy getting the new caliper on, reconnect the brake pipe and slide the caliper over the new pads and two bolts to fasten it back in place, Now the hard bit I have to bleed the brakes on my own, While I was at the shop I bought some brake fluid and hose. So loosen off the brake nipple and connect the hose, I had an old whisky bottle so put the hose in that, Pumped the brake and check the hose no bubbles near the nipple cool tightened it off and hey presto I have brakes again. Now I didn’t have time to do the other side so that had to wait till the following day.

The car was working although I don’t like using cars with odd pads in I had to nip out and pick the wife up.  All went well and got back home safely.

Sorry forgot to take pictures on side one.


Notice the thick board under the trolley jack thats because the driveway is gravel and the jack sinks in and is unstable.


Well we shall see how this goes, with the knowledge I gained from side one I bought a new caliper with the understanding from the shop that if I didn’t need it I could return it and they agreed and I also bought a rewind tool.

Old worn pads

So again car up on the jack and the axle stands, wheel off and two bolts out. The caliper slips of easily and two new pads in, time for the rewind tool. With a little bit of fiddling guess what? the caliper goes back into its housing and the seal is just fine. Smiling face here. Then slide the caliper back on and replace the two retaining bolts.

Rewind tool a bit fiddly but worked a treat.

Time to check if this side works, re apply the handbrake, oh no I can still turn the wheel. OK whats wrong, turns out the handbrake adjuster didn’t spring back. A quick poke with a screwdriver and a touch of WD40 and all is well. Smiling again. I got Carla to put her foot and the brake and all is locked solid.

Now time to take my life in my hands and a test run. Out I went and back in ten minute still alive, all was well with the brakes, a job well done.


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