One to One Training

17 Sep One to One Training



Carla Monaco and I had the pleasure of holding a 2 day one to one photographic course with a photographer called Allen. He came to us wanting to brush up on his photographic skills, fashion especially. These images are from what he took over the two days. They are just screen grabs with my phone and very little/if any editing done to them.

Over the 2 days we were lucky enough to get lots of different weather so we could work with harsh sunlight and overcast skies. The course as you can see was location based. We took full advantage of our garden as well as the local area to get the great shots.

Allan came to me wanting to improve his fashion photography, I took him through some of my work and helped him to understand how I create images from understanding concept to styling, model selection and feel of an image.

I think you will agree with me Allan got some incredible shots over the 2 days with the right help and guidance. (See images below).


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