Philips Solar lantern

Philips Solar lantern Life light Home 40977/93/16

Just thought I would give my view on this little product.
I bought this on a whim when my wife and I were in B&M Bargains I think it was. I do remember it was reduced in price, we paid £7.99 for it, at that price I thought why not give it ago.
It turns out to be a cracking light, we took it on our Italian trip. OK its plastic and looks a little fragile but it stood up well. I dropped the lamp a couple of times and they didn’t break so all good. The cords on the lights are long enough for anybody with a tent. We have a huge tent (I’ll discuss the tent another time) and the cords were plenty long enough. They reached from the solar panal outside the tent to the power box way inside the tent.

You can see the panel outside the tent near the chair. I did eventually put it in the window of the tent to keep it on the inside and it worked just as well there as outside.
In the box you get two lamps a power box and a panel. You can run both lamps at the same time which we did on occasion and they have three setting, we only used on low to medium and found that enough. They never ran out of power for us and we used them for hours each night. Plus they don’t take up to much room in the car. They also have a USB charging port but I haven’t used it for charging phones so can’t comment on how good that is but I did try out a USB desktop fan in it and that worked well.




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