Beauty Shot

Adrian Crook fashion photographer Becca-After

The image on the left was shot using a Bowens beauty dish. With a grid centre and diffused outer. (see example 1).

Then with a reflector under the chin and a white large reflector at the side of her face to reduce the shadows. (see example 2).

ISO 100

The shot was very easy to do, the editing however takes time. When you shoot beauty please don’t rush the editing it does take time. This image took a good few hours each day for three days.

An idea of my workflow:
Remove blemishes using healing brush and clone tool.
A touch of liquefy especially round the chin area. Liquefy may be needed simply because of the position to camera.
Dodge and burn.
Then colour adjustment.

Model: Becca @Gingersnap & @Namedmodels
Makeup: Harriet Cook

Example 1

Example 2

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