Italy truly is one of the most beautiful countries in the world from the shores of Lake Garda in the north to the ruins of Pompeii over looked by Mount Vesuvius still an active volcano in the southern part of the country. The cities are well as you would expect stunning after all the renaissance was here with the likes of Michelangelo, Raphael and of course da Vinci to name a few. Further back than that you had the Roman Empire Italy was the centre of the world.

Today it is just beautiful, the first time I went to Florence I fell in love, it is a wonderful city, it smells though, it smells of all the good stuff like Italian food, baking and of course coffee, even the coffee in Florence is beautiful and thing to behold the wonder of. Hotels are a little expensive in Florence so we stayed at Firenze Camping in Town in one of the Chalet for about 50 Euro per night. It was like a little Ikea cabin. 

The shores of Lake Garda should be on every ones bucket list, the views are quite frankly breathtaking. There are plenty of places to stay around the lake from expensive to cheap the choice is yours but we stayed at a campsite at the top of the lake, Camping Maroadi busy but the blocks are clean.

I’m actually quite jealous of my wife at the moment as she is in Italy while I’m sat at my desk in Swindon.

Any way that’s it for now, just a little taster of Italy.

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