Pixapro Citi600

Pixapro Citi600

First impressions out of the box it looks a nice bit of kit. Although you don’t get a reflector in the box which is a little disappointing, a standard reflector which fits nicely as it’s a Bowens type S fit is a little to large if you want to use a brolly as a modifier. I did get mine to fit but only just. Really you would need to buy the reflector that comes with the new pro version it’s more slimline. The instruction book is adequate it does what you need from such a book.

The trigger, you have to make sure you buy the correct trigger for your camera in my case a Nikon one but they come in all different types so you should be fine.

I also tried mine on my older Fuji X-Pro1, obviously the HSS (high speed sync) didn’t work but it did fire the flash so that’s a great bonus. I do find the trigger a little fiddly that maybe just a case of I have to get use to it.


Carla and I went down the field at the back of our house to give the unit a try out.

I was quite impressed how easy it is to use once you figured out how to use the trigger.

ISO 100 – f/4 – 1/500 sec 

Warning – Well something to remember at least.

Although it says its a 600w head, it is if you use it like a normal flash head at 1/160 shutter speed or there about’s but when you start using it at high speeds like 1/4000 you drastically cut the power down so something to bear in mind.

Bug bear – it’s the same with all flash systems outside, the wind. Be careful the slightest wind could have it over so either an assistant or weights are really required. 

For the money it’s a nice bit of kit, will let you know if I have any problems with it.

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