Scouting Locations

Yesterday was a day of scouting a location, I’ve been meaning to check out this place for a while now.

Seeing I was in Newport I thought I would carry on down the road and check out this place, Only an hour and half from where I was, I thought why not.
Wasn’t sure the best way so just picked a point on the sat nav and went for it.

I turned up at the National trust Car Park I think it was and paid my £2 and headed off.

I think I went the long way around but it was worth it I took the coastal path and got some stunning views and managed to get the above shot from the cliff tops and I managed to keep hold of my hat it was so windy up there, I did envisage seeing my hat blowing out to sea.


Three Cliffs Bay
Three Cliffs Bay near Swansea

Looking at this place I think it will be perfect for some of the beach shots I have planned for this year. Although I think it will have to be early morning shoots as this beach I’m sure will get so busy on a nice day.

Heading back to the car was a bit of a hike, good job I’ve been getting fit this year.

Time to plan my shoots.

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