Crazy Label

The way food is labelled.

Why don’t manufacturers label their products by how many calories are in the packet as well, not just by serving or per 100g tell me what’s in the packet please.

This is on a well-known cereal – No names and this labelling is typical.

Guideline Daily Amounts

40g (this is a portion size)










7%of the reference intake

(What does this mean?)

If you were like me, you had a bowl of cereal not 40g which would take your intakes into the high bracket for sugars and salt and fat.

It’s not your fault, you look at any cereal advert and the bowl is filled to the top, they brain wash us into thinking that’s the correct way.  I watched a program about cereal, and they do taste tests. After a test they found that the test group ate one of the cereal a few percent faster not because it was healthier but because it had slightly more sugar in and that’s the one they put on sale because it would mean you ate the box faster and therefore you would buy more boxes. They don’t care about portions and how fat you get they just care about profit.

Same goes for ultra processed foods.

Ultra-processed foods often contain high levels of saturated fat, salt and sugar. Which we easily become addicted to. These foods give you calories but no substance, no benefits to your body.

Not all calories are created equal.


The advertised portion of sausages is two but who ever eats just two?

A lot of the advertising for sausage shows at least 3 sausage on a plate and can be 4. If you eat 4 sausage you have exceeded your daily allowance for fats and nearly hit your allowance of salt. Chuck on some gravy and now you’re over your salt allowance. Here comes the high blood pressure.


You think Muesli is good for you. Think again look at the amount of sugar.

 A serving is 45g of Muesli that’s nearly a third of your allowed sugar for the day. But again you will probably put double that in your cereal bowl.


Labelling is BS,

We, You have to do something about it.

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