It’s good to set some goals, be realistic, you’re not going to lose 2 stone in a week or anything like that.

What you can do is set your first goal to lose say 5lbs

Its realistic we can all do it.

Incentivize your weight loss. If you are very over weight you might be able to do that in a week.

Once you have hit that goal give yourself a treat. Look forward to it, have a packet of crisps or a small piece of chocolate. I still do this, with a small piece of chocolate I break it up to smaller pieces and then savour each piece, let it just melt in your mouth.

Once you hit a stone off then its KFC time or a medium pizza or large if your sharing.

Another 5 – 7 lbs a small treat

Another Stone – you can have a curry.

But don’t cheat hit those pounds and the treats are yours.

Being unhealthy once is fine we all need treats and its even great for your mental health because you’ve earned it.  BUT NOT EVERY DAY.

I have listed calories on the food plan as a guide, we are not counting calories we are controlling what we eat, when we eat and portion sizes.

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