Men die at 69-74 (average)

The average life expectancy of a obese male in the UK is about 69 -74 years old.

The top four causes are 
1. Cardiovascular
2. High Blood Pressure
3. Diabetes Type 2
4. Cancer
Plus a bonus of Alzheimer’s

All of which can be reduced, or eradicated, giving you a longer life expectancy with changing your diet and losing weight.


Perhaps the best evidence of disease prevention involves the antioxidant nutrients, vitamins E and C. The neuropathologic features of Alzheimer’s disease include amyloid beta (A-beta) plaques, an abnormal accumulation of A-beta protein outside neuronal cells, and neurofibrillary tangles within the cells. Numerous animal and laboratory studies have shown that Alzheimer’s disease involves oxidative and inflammatory processes, although it is not known whether these processes are a cause or effect of the disease or both. The ultimate result, however, is disruption of neuronal cell functioning and signaling, leading to neuronal cell death.

The body possesses natural defense mechanisms to combat oxidative stress, including antioxidant proteins and nutrients. Vitamin E is a potent chain-breaking antioxidant that resides within cell membranes, where it can neutralize free radicals as they are generated. Vitamin E also has anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin C, a less potent antioxidant than vitamin E, circulates within the plasma and retains the additional function of restoring vitamin E to its antioxidant capacity

In summary, the strongest evidence for antioxidant protection against Alzheimer’s disease rests with high food intake of vitamin E. The richest food sources of vitamin E include, nuts (especially almonds), and seeds (especially sunflower seeds). Moderate amounts of vitamin E are found in whole grains, egg yolk, and a limited number of vegetables (eg, collard greens) and fruits (eg, avocados, apples, melon).

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