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Basically everything you eat is sugar (glucose) as far as your body is concerned, it turns the food into sugar and your body consumes that first for the energy it needs. Once the sugar has been consumed it goes on to your energy store which is about twenty minutes of reserve energy.

Then and only then will your body start to consume your fat store.

Did you know? Sugar is more addictive than heroin.

A description of what happens in your body In very simple. terms

Think of it this way. All the food we eat is sugar (glucose). This is Energy.

Our bodies convert the food we eat into sugar this is the natural way. It really doesn’t matter what you eat be it a pizza or an apple its all basically sugar as far as the body is concerned.

Now when we eat, we produce insulin this is the warehouse manager the warehouse managers job is to accept the sugar and distribute it, Mr. Insulin goes along to the blood system and says hey do you want any sugar and the blood says yeah I’m feeling hungry I need some energy. Mr. Insulin gives the sugar to the blood system and then Mr. Insulin goes back to bed. His job is done.

When we eat again Mr. Insulin wakes up and collects the sugar. He then does his job and goes back to the blood system and say hey I have more sugar for you, this time the blood says actually I have some left from last time I’ll only take half. Mr. Insulin is surprised, ok no problem I’ll put the other half in the warehouse for you to use another time.

Mr. Insulin goes back to the warehouse and puts the sugar in the corner. Is job is done. He can fall asleep again.

Hang on what’s this we have a midnight delivery Mr. Insulin wakes, and trundles back to the blood system, I have more sugar for you. The blood system says you got to be kidding me I’m still full from the last delivery. We do not accept it. Okay Mr. Insulin thinks I’ll just put it in the warehouse the blood system will use it tomorrow.

Well tomorrow comes and there is another delivery of sugar. Mr. Insulin trundles of to the blood stream and says I have more sugar for you. This time the blood system says I’ll have half. Only half? Mr. Insulin thinks hang on we are ordering to much sugar here but its ok I’ll put some in the corner shop as a reserve and the rest in the warehouse. We can cancel the rest of the days orders of sugar and we can use up what’s in the corner shop and the warehouse.

What’s this we have a lunchtime delivery, Mr. Insulin calls up the blood system to ask if they need any sugar. The blood system says nope don’t need any today. He then calls the corner shop, no they don’t need any.  So Mr. Insulin puts another pallet load of sugar in the warehouse. Now the warehouse is getting pretty full. Mr. Insulin thinks what can I do with all this surplus sugar. I know he thinks I’ll put it into deep storage he does a conversion and puts it into deep storage (fat). He puts a few pounds of it on your belly, no one will notice.

Then more deliveries keep arriving Mr. Insulin is thinking wow why is the general manager ordering so much, I cant cope with all this but Mr. Insulin is trying his best he his shoving this excess everywhere, its going on the belly, on the face, on the arms. He is running out of places to store it. So now he thinks I have some space around the organs I can stick it there.

More deliveries Noooooooo. At this point Mr. Insulin is dropping some of the sugar as he’s moving it around trying to store it all. Mr Diabetes sees this excess sugar and thinks I’ll have some of this. Mr. Insulin is getting pretty much fed up, he’s not getting paid enough for this shit and starts dealing with Mr. Diabetes but what he didn’t know is Mr Diabetes is an evil bastard and all he wants to do is make you suffer and die.

At this point the general manager says I’ve been a bit silly ordering all this sugar I’ll do something about it. Well its not to late he phones up and cancels the orders for the next 16 hours and only purchases half what he normally does.

During these 16 hours the blood system uses up what its got and starts using the energy from the corner shop but this quickly runs out so calls up the warehouse and says I’m feeling a bit peckish the shop around the corner as run out of reserve energy.

Mr. Insulin is tried but more than happy to get some fat out of deep storage. He converts the fat back to energy and ships it out to the blood stream. He goes to bed feeling happy.

The next day only a small order of sugar arrives. And he knows that’s not going to be enough for the blood system, so he unlocks some more fat from deep storage. Mr. Insulin is feeling good he’s shifting the excess fat. He is now not overworked and he’s getting 16 hours of rest a day all is good in the world.

This continues and Mr. Insulin is feeling all Zen we have balance. We are now losing weight.

The End.

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